Your One-Stop Shop!


Our Approach: Proposing a one-stop shop which includes

  • Consulting
  • Proposing solutions for a large variety of packaging machinery in various markets such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries, just to name a few.
  • Combining skilled staff and experts in a wide range of leading edge machinery in order to provide you with the highest quality tooling on the market.
  • Offering the most competitive price with one of the fastest delivery time frame
  • Providing constant Customer Service and After Service expertise.

Our plant includes CNC mills, CNC lathes, grinders, CMM and Wire EDM using the following applications:

  • Blister Tooling
  • Slats and Chutes Tablet Filling
  • Counting Head Blocks and Cremer Cones
  • Starwheels and Feed Screws for Multitude of Machines
  • Pumps and Gears
  • Tube Filling Pockets
  • Printing Rolls and Slats for Tablets
  • Moulds and Dies
  • High Precision Machining
  • And many more applications!


Blister Tooling

We manufacture Blister Tooling for all the top brands, blister machines as well as card sealing for any machine: Blipak • Uhlmann • IMA • Noack • Pharmaworks • Klockner • Cam and more! The most competitive prices on the market, with one of the fastest delivery times frames.

  • Blister 1
  • Blister 3
  • Blister 2
  • Blister 4

Slats & Chutes For Bottle Filling

JMF Tooling is one of the first companies in North America to manufacture and sell slats and chutes worldwide. In addition, we are one of the only companies fabricating aluminum slats, good for lifetime use. Slats and chutes for King, Merrill and Lakso.

  • Slats and Chutes 1
  • Slats and Chutes 2
  • Slats and Chutes 3
  • Slats and Chutes 4
  • Slats and Chutes 5
  • Slats and Chutes 6

Change parts and tooling that JMF has manufactured

  • Manufacture 11

    Tube Filling

  • Manufactured 1

    Slats and Print Roll

  • Manufactured 2

    Powder dies – Cosmetic industry

  • Manufactured 3

    Powder dies – Cosmetic industry

  • Manufactured 4

    Swiftpak counting head block

  • Manufactured 5


  • Manufactured 6


  • Manufactured 7

    Coding Wheels

  • Manufactured 9

    Cremer Cones

  • Manufacture 10

    Chute for capper

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